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8th Annual March for Choice - No One Left Behind!

Today the Industrial Worker's of the World marked the 8th annual March For Choice by once again joining with thousands on the streets of Dublin to demand 'No One Left Behind'.

Hundreds of people from across Ireland once again travelled as they have done for the past number of years in an effort to show their support and solidarity. An act which has been the backbone of such a campaign as we demand free, safe, legal and local reproductive health care throughout the country, north and south.

As a revolutionary union, members of the IWW were proud to participate in adding our voice to demand an end to all policies of criminalisation as practiced by both states on the island of Ireland.

One member of IWW Dublin branch spoke following today's March for Choice saying: "Reproductive healthcare is not a matter for the state, the church or their courts. Its a human right that provides well-being for women and should form part of the broader healthcare which has to be available to everyone. Everyone should be able to avail of services that will help them to live better lives with the respect and the dignity they deserve.

"The right of women to have full control of their reproductive choices is essential to improve their workers’ rights and therefore their overall lives. Workers already help fund our health care system in the north and here in the south, we demand free, safe, legal and local abortion now!"


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