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An Introduction to the Industrial Workers of the World

Fellow Workers,

the IWW Union Ireland branch create a regular online event for new members to introduce them to the union.

It explores the history of the IWW and what makes our different from other business unions. It looks at the function of the union and how you can become an active member. How you can obtain support and training to help organise your place of work and become a workplace representative to support others.

If you have useful or important skills that you think would be of benefit to the union, how best can they be put to good use to help other fellow workers.

It looks at the many different areas within the union and how you can best play a part in creating the One Big Union.

To book your place on the next online event, please register now by email at:

If you're NOT already a member of the Industrial Workers of the World BUT would like to be, click on the following link and join the IWW today, wherever you live or work!


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