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Call for International Solidarity with CNT Xixón

During this weekends Industrial Workers of the World Organising Summit which took place in Thorne & Moorends, Yorkshire, members took part in a number of international actions to help highlight our solidarity with workers in struggle.

A member spoke during the banner making event of the need to for us to help raise awareness of ongoing struggles stating, "It's a great opportunity for us to talk about what has been happening in the Spanish State at the movement and the struggle our fellow workers are facing each and every day for their involvement in workplace struggle. Our friends in the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT-CIT) based in Xixón are now facing a number of years in prison for their part in workplace organising or trade union activity.

"As part of this campaign, members of the IWW have answered the international call from our brothers and sisters in CNT Xixón to assist and highlight their ongoing fight. Today as part of of our Organising Summit with discussed how we can help and in turn raise the issues involved here with our members who haven't heard much about these ongoing developments in Xixón and their campaign. For ourselves as revolutionary syndicalists who form part of the ICL-CIT it was equally important for us to express our international solidarity at this time of struggle and to learn more about what is actually happening."

Over the weeks and months ahead the IWW will be continuing our solidarity actions in support of our comrades in the CNT Xixón, because #HacerSindicalismoNoEsDelito. For more background information on the case and how you can get involved click HERE

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1 Comment

Oct 24, 2022

❤️ The only way to tackle globalised capitalism is by resolute labour internationalism: anything less is but divisive, parochial muddling.

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