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Celebrate International Workers Day with the IWW

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World across the country are planning on taking part in a number of actions to help celebrate international workers day.

Even if you are in a town or a village, even if you have 10 or 2 members there are a number of activities or actions you can help organise to get your area on the map. Some members are creating actions such as making a DIY banner so as to take part in the series of international banner drops in solidarity with the CIT-ICL call out for Global May Day, creating an information street exhibition to help make people be more aware of both May Day and the IWW.

Others are planning meet-ups to poster local areas and sharing information strikers about the union, creating information stencils to produce street art/chalk signs and slogans to possible socially distant picnics however this is due to the lifting of restrictions and more importantly, the weather!

Bringing MAY DAY 2021 to a close, members will be taking part in our now annual online social where members of the IU 630 will display their talents in the form of music or written word. This years online MAY DAY extravaganza both IWW Ireland and IWW Scotland will join forces to showcase members talents which will include the Wobbly Choir.

If you would like to add your location to the map of MAY DAY activities by taking part then please get in touch. For details of planned actions, their times and locations then please contact your local area organisers. You can also email

If you're not already a member of the IWW and are itching to get active and unionised in your area then all you have to do is click on the link above and JOIN TODAY!


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