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Derry Rally As Workers Demand Better!

On Saturday in Derry, the local Trades Council continued their ongoing WE DEMAND BETTER campaign with a rally held in the city centre which was attended by most of the trade union movement in the city.

A spokesperson for the IWW said that "This action forms part of an ongoing mobilisation of workers unionising the fight back against crap wages, health and education cuts amongst other things. As a union we stand by our brothers and sisters who reject and stand up against imposed austerity brought upon us by the politicians and their governments on both these islands.

"This is just the beginning as strikes and other forms of workplace organisation has only just begun. This is a time work worker unity as they have already begun to divide us with racism and sectarianism. We have to remain unified and confident in our aims and objectives. For us as a revolutionary syndicalist union that mean the abolition of the wage system and capitalism itself."


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