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Eason Workers Made Redundant Via Video Call: IWW

Eason workers in Derry received devastating news today from senior bosses to notify them that stores would now close making hundreds redundant.

Bosses notified staff this afternoon via mass video call to break the news, one worker told the Industrial Workers of the World in Derry saying: "We are devastated. Many have been with Easons for decades and to receive news in the way it was relaid to everyone, by video call was totally devastating. I know of couples from the same household or mothers and daughters in the same household so that news will be a massive effect on homes at this time."

Citing the impact of the current lockdown and the impending economic impact of BREXIT, the bookshop chain store will close a number of locations across the North.

Following the mass video call to workers across the North another Eason worker, who wished to remain anonymous stated "We were all furloughed when stores went into lockdown at the beginning and now that that scheme is coming to an end they no longer want to pay us a wage. We're just surplus to requirements as bosses close ranks to protect their profits. It's completely disgusting."

A spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World in Derry said following todays news, "Jobs should be protected at this time of crisis. It is our belief that any lay offs should be challenged and fought back. Yet again today we are witnessing goverments resting the economic losses on workers and that's just totally unacceptable. It is an attack on all our class."

Even if you are facing redundancy or have been sacked, you can Join the IWW and help fight back against these ongoing attacks. Likewise for further information on redundancy click on the following link.


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