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Fight Back Against the Bosses!

For months workers have faced an uncertain future as the Coronavirus impacted on all our lives. Our health service has gone into crisis management while industry itself furloughed thousands of workers in almost every aspect of employment.

As life begins to open up more, workers are already facing an uncertain future in Health and Education, Technology, Hospitality as bosses and the government begin to count their losses. We have daily witnessed hundreds of ‘layoffs’ across all sectors of employment as workers are thrown to the wolves and the increasing unemployment lines both north and south.

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) believe that workers must unionise in order to fight back against further attacks upon our class such as this. It is vital that workers see the strength they have in standing together, mobilising within a union such as the IWW against becoming yet another statistic on the Six O’Clock News or on Newspaper headlines.

There are many ways in which workers can resist layouts, job cuts and redundancies and the first stage is to stand up and unionise yourself and your co-workers.

You can begin by clicking on the following link to become a member of the only independent, grassroots union:



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