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On Saturday 13th June fascist groups came out in Belfast and London to threaten and intimidate in the name of 'defending statues'. In London, many gave nazi salutes in front of Churchill's statue, while others urinated on the streets in the midst of a Covid 19 pandemic or on memorials themselves, while others targeted members of the public fuelled by alcohol and white nationalism.

Again Police racially profiled London Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and began harassing and arresting young black activists in and around central London as fascists began to through bottles and fireworks at police lines.

In a coordinated stance several hundred haters in Belfast gathered with fascists at City Hall chanting and singing. All without any semblance of social-distancing or PPE cover in their ranks which included disgraced councillor Jolene Bunting and Jayda Fransen from the fascist UK Freedom Party as the PSNI looked on indifferently.

In what was an extremely controversial week in which the PSNI actively targeted Black and migrant activists and organisers of anti-racism rallies in both Derry and Belfast. In total 57 in Derry and 11 in Belfast were fined, cautioned and prosecuted despite actively socially distancing and promoting the wearing PPE as the PSNI harassed the members of the public expressing solidarity with the BLM moment and the family of George Floyd murdered at the hands of the cops.

A spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in Derry said "Despite pervious Black Lives Matter gatherings in both Belfast and Derry the week previously, no cautions, no fines or no prosecutions were issued. This was the second far-right rally the PSNI have happily facilitated over the past number of weeks.

"From the outset that this is not simply about them and us, it's about equality, the freedom of movement, the right to protest and the need to call out institutional racism for what it really is. Both Stormont, the political establishment of all shades, seem to believe that it was somehow 'ok' to target, threaten and harass Black Lives Matter activists for demanding justice on the streets. If this is not state hypocrisy then I don't know what is.

"The IWW proudly stands by the activists who stood up against injustice were targeted, threatened and harassed on June 6th by the PSNI. We demand that all charges, fines, cautions and proposed prosecutions relating to BLM rallies on June 6th in both Derry and Belfast be dropped immediately.

"Our history shows us that as a union, from the outset we have actively opposed fascism when and wherever it raises its ugly head and we proudly do so in 2020. Without doubt, the labour movement itself must not remain silent in times such as these it's voice must be heard. Whether its in opposition to racism in the workplace or on the streets, against attacks upon migrant workers or their families interned and isolated in prison, Detention Centres or in Direct Provision. All has to be challenged and stopped.

"Likewise fascism must never be allowed the oxygen it seeks to survive and spread its poison, be it on the streets or in their corridors of power, it must always be challenged and stopped."


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