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IWW: A Unionised Workplace can push back against attacks on Workers Rights

IWW: "It's been proven that unionised workplaces are able to push back against attacks on workers rights"

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in have hit out at the ongoing practice of local employers continuing to withhold wages from hospitality workers.

In a statement released by a representative of the radical workers union, Industrial Workers of the World, a spokesperson stated: "We have had a number of concerning reports from those working within the hospitality sector of bosses actually withholding tips.

"It's been proven that unionised workplaces are able to push back against attacks on workers rights more effectively. Calling out those employers who mistreat their staff in such a despicable way.

"For ourselves attacks such as this is nothing more than wage theft. It sadly continues to happen right across the hospitality sector but it has to end.

"We have to date assisted workers to challenge this practice directly by organising their place of work, by joining a union. At a time when those in the hospitality industry are facing many threats thrown up by the current pandemic, workers demand to be treated with respect.

"We have already been notified of a number of workplaces engaged in wage theft. From the withholding of tips, the taking of tips to make up wages from tips or the withholding of wages for hours worked. We demand that this practice has to challenged effectively and that is done only when workers are unionised within every workplace.

"If you are effected by any wage theft issues then we would urge you to let the IWW know but more importantly, it is vital that workers protect their rigths by join the union".


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