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IWW Belfast extend our solidarity with Debenhams Workers

Members of the IWW in Belfast took part in solidarity action this afternoon with Debenhams workers in the south who have been involved in a 15 week struggle against their bosses. Only a few weeks into the lockdown workers were sent an email telling them they were let go.

In total its estimated that 11 stores closed with the loss of 2000 jobs at Debenhams however workers have been fighting against this from the outset.

As you may have already seen on social media workers have placed picket outside stores in an attempt to prevent stocks being removed as part of a general sell-off of goods in a liquidation process abandoning Debenhams workers themselves.

Across the country Debemhams workers have protested and rallied such as here today in Belfast highlighting their case and building much needed solidarity in defiance of the bosses themselves.

The Industrial Workers of the World extend our solidarity with Debenhams Workers and their ongoing fight and to all workers who refuse to be beaten down by the bosses! An injury to one is an injury to all!


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