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IWW Call for Unions to Support Pickets at Lidl and ASDA Stores

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

A spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) has confirmed that they will now hold a series of protests this month outside Lidl and ASDA stores around the country to highlight the ill-treatment of Garment Workers in Bangladesh.

In a statement a spokesperson for the IWW said "As part of an international gesture of support and solidarity with the Garment Workers Trade Union Centre (GWTUC) in Bangladesh, our union has written directly to both Lidl and ASDA stores informing them of how one of their clothing suppliers Dragon Sweater Group despite how workers are treated. We informed them of the ongoing situation of how over 6000 GWTUC members were illegally sacked in March by the Dragon Sweater Group and how that Group continues to withhold several months wages owed to their staff.

"As a result of this the GWTUC have called upon trade unions internationally to voice their concerns about clothing suppliers Dragon Sweater, which is why we have now initiated protests this coming Saturday 15th August at Lidl and ASDA stores. This is now part of a month long series of actions to highlight Garment Workers struggle throughout Bangladesh against their employers Dragon Sweater Group, who supply Lidl and ASDA stores. Both of these international brands are the last two companies who are continuing to obtain clothing from Dragon Group, despite workers are being treated in their suppliers factories.

"It is important to point out that other International brands and stores such as Zara, H&M, Primark have all since cancelled orders and trading with Dragon Sweater Group leaving only Lidl and Walmart (ASDA UK). We would ask both Lidl and ASDA publicly to now consider what type of companies they do business with if they really value and respect workers rights and how workers who make their clothing are being treated.

"The Garment Workers Trade Union Centre and the 6000 illegally sacked workers they represent, demand to be treated better, demand to be fully reinstated and the wages owed to them paid in full. We call upon both Lidl and ASDA to now consider what type of companies they do business with, as their customers, just like the GWTUC deserve better.

"We also call our sisters and brothers in the trade union movement to join with us during the planned month of action in international solidarity with the GWTUC."

For more information on international call by GWTUC click here


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