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IWW Solidarity with Debenhams Occupation

IWW Ireland stands in solidarity with Debenhams workers in Dublin, Cork and Tralee, who have taken direct action today to protest at the unfair redundancy package after 152 days on the picket lines.

We are once again witnessing big companies riding rough shot over worker’s rights with the Irish Government fully complicit in their callous treatment of workers. The Industrial Workers of the World, Ireland Branch, fully support today’s direct action by Debenhams workers in occupying their former workplaces.

It is vital that our class draw a line in the sand in the face of daily announcements from closures, redundancies to sackings. It is clear to see how the pandemic itself is being used at this time as an excuse by both the government and the bosses, to first protect their own interests as well as their profits.

Today’s action shows other workers now facing the same threats and treatment, be it today or tomorrow, that they too can stand up and fight back with confidence. As worker’s, our class has the tools at our disposal to stand up against continuing worker abuse as we unionise, strike, picket, occupy, protest and resist further attacks.

Solidarity is not a word, it’s a weapon.


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