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Knowledge is PAWA! Report on IWW Reps Training

On the 16th and 17th of March 2024, at the working class movement library in Manchester, the IWW held rep training for 15 IWW and Pan-African Workers Association (PAWA) members from around the country.

Most attendees were from Manchester and the surrounding areas but some travelled as far as London and the South West. The majority of attendees were PAWA members in the care industry. The training covered the national curriculum to become certified IWW reps, including how to do a “March on the boss”, supporting migrant workers with their cases, and understanding the systems and processes in the work place, such as collective grievances or disciplinaries. The attendees stayed in the same hotel so spent the two days sharing meals, learning and partying together.

“Priceless moments as PAWA, just want to say thank you to the leadership for the time, organising and taking care of us at the same time we learnt a lot from the tried and tested. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s worth it to join IWW NOW! An injury to one is an injury to all…”

The training demonstrates the joint struggle of IWW and PAWA and it’s growing effectiveness at building workers’ power in the care sector. We are a force to be reckoned with.

Delivering training gives workers the tools they need to organise in their workplaces, this event showed that and so was a step to building solidarity between IWW and PAWA members and to getting new members active in the union.

If you can host an organiser or reps training in your area as your local IWW branch get in touch with


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