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Laboratory Workers Strike Action

The Industrial Workers of the World have extended its solidarity with 2,000 Laboratory workers, members of the Medical Laboratory Scientists Association (MLSA), who are taking part in one-day strike action today.

A Industrial Workers of the World spoke with one health worker as industrial action got under way who said "It's ridiculous the short staffing and amount of workload Laboratory staff are under, especially since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. Workers also have the pressure and stigma not to take industrial action because of the effect that in could have on patients, when in reality overworked staff have potentially more chances to have a negative impact on patients.

"It's for worker's and patients' interests to have proper working conditions in place "

Outside many hospitals where pickets were placed MLSA members held placards demanding 'Equal Pay For Equal Work' as passers-by tooted car and bus horns in solidarity with medical staff on strike.

Late last year, MLSA members voted to take industrial action after a 98% vote in favour of taking to the picket lines.

Over the coming weeks further strike action is scheduled to take place again.

Of solidarity already received on the picket lines another said that "The response from other staff members has been great and the general public have been so supportive and understanding. We're demanding pay parity with biochemists who work along side our members in hospital labs. We do the same work but we're paid on average 8 per cent less. It's not on, we have the right to pay equality!"

Photo: IWW General Strike sticker, Dublin

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