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Sath 07 Noll


Teachers Club

Dublin Talk: Antifascism - Lessons from history

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Dublin Talk: Antifascism - Lessons from history
Dublin Talk: Antifascism - Lessons from history

Time & Location

07 Noll 2019, 13:00 – 15:00

Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square W, Northside, Dublin 1, Ireland

About the event

In recent weeks groups such as the Yellow Vests have been back on the streets but this time in Ireland. Just as in France, their links are questionable as it's clear that they too flirt with the far right also, particularly with the likes of the Irish Freedom Party, Renua, National Party whose members plan to be on streets exploiting the current homeless crisis facing the people of Ireland this weekend. From proposed "sleepouts" to hightlght homeless and demonstrations for "free speech" in an attempt to further spread their racist hate message such as "Ireland for the Irish" - "look after our own first" the "great replacement", they are designed to stoke up fear and division.  

Already many have fallen for such hate slogans and entertained support physically by working with them directly through their false campaigns or their many online fronts for these individuals were racist content is openly tolerated.

For sometime now these groups have lured many by their supposed "popularist" frustration with the political establishment, but also their supposed concerns about issues such as the right to choose, child poverty, globalisation, immigration, a dilution of national identity as well as Brexit and the European Union itself.

These hate groups have mirrored the tactics of and have direct links with similar fascist individuals and organisations both in Europe and across north America. From the Alt-right, UKIP to Generation Identity, Britain First, AfD in Germany, Front National in France and VOX in Spain, some of who have recently established a new European far right block now called Identity and Democracy (ID).

Using social justice concerns and issues from homelessness, immigration and freedom of speech these "patriots" with the tricolour aloft have attempted to mobilise on our streets. They are clearly fascist fronts and that have fooled many to their false flags causes. What is for certain, if these individuals and the hatred they espouse and encourage remains unchallenged, then the continuing division of our class will be the end result.

History has shown us clearly what happens when we allow hatred, racism and fascism the space and oxygen to breathe and grow unchallenged. The last century is littered with countless horrific examples of what the hatred of fascism leads to however fortunately as revolutionary syndicalists, our history teaches us the remedy in how to effectively tackle it.

The trade union movement and the left must now collectively address the reality of what is developing. To step forward and assist the mobilization of working class unity at both workplace and community levels. We must effectively challenge the growth of the far right in all its guises. To that end our message must remain vocal - no platform, no quarter!

Please invite and share this event with your fellow workers and comrades.

Antifascism: Lessons from history Saturday 7th December @ 1pm  Teachers Club, Parnell Sq, Dublin 1  

Speakers include IWW, MERJ, Trade Unionist & Antirascist Activists

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