The Only Vehicle For Prison Abolition!

Bulldozer is a zine for prison abolition. Prisons are tools of oppression. Tools that are used by Governments to discipline the working class and repress political dissent.  


The prison system is also an industry. An industry that commodifies prisoners and generates significant private profits for Capital. The human beings churned up in prisons suffer dehumanising experiences while inside, and stigmatisation when they are released.


Bulldozer speaks back to this industry of oppression, the suffering it creates and the profits it makes. Bulldozer is produced by members of the Industrial Workers of the World’s (IWW) Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC) Ireland.  

The IWW Ireland is a union based on grass-roots action and real democracy from the bottom up.


IWOC Ireland are currently involved in a number of campaigns to support individual prisoners as well as fighting for prisoners collective rights to education, health and employment. We are also on hand to connect and support prisoners family members.


Join the IWW for real solidarity!


We welcome people irrespective of their employment status, industry, country of origin, race, gender, or sexuality.


To find out more about the IWW and IWOC or to contribute to Bulldozer write to:


Bulldozer P.O. Box 346 Derry City, BT48 4FZ, Ireland.

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P.O. Box 346, Derry City

BT48 4FZ, Ireland

Email: ireland@iww.org.uk


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