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An injustice to one is an injustice to all - Bloody Sunday 2020

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World took part in the 48th Bloody Sunday commemoration through Derry along with several thousand other community, human rights and social justice activists as well as a wide number of prisoner and political organisations.

This year's annual march, as years previous, once again followed the route of the original 1972 Civil Rights March against internment when the State cut down and murdered 14 innocent unarmed protesters while wounding many more.

During today's annual March for Justice the atmosphere was noted as slightly sombre as many conversations reflected upon recent legal maneuvers in the courts surrounding the possibilities of prosecutions of soldiers directly involved in the 1972 daylight massacre as thousands of march participants weaved it's way through the streets from the Creggan to the Bogside.

Industrial Worker caught up with local IWW members from Derry during todays March for Justice and asked why it was important for the Industrial Workers of the World to take part in today's annual event. "The theme of this years March for Justice event was titled 'an injustice to one is an injustice to all' which is why we decided to attend with our banner, it's the IWW motto which reads 'an injury to one is an injury to all'. We wanted to share that message of solidarity with those attending and those watching todays events via social media and the usual media networks.

"Some of us have been attending this march for years along with our families and neighbours, or with friends and comrades to add our voice in demanding justice for those murdered on Bloody Sunday.

"Today mark's the 48th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and we're marching with thousands of others from different political backgrounds and none to remember those massacred on Bloody Sunday. It's a gesture of solidarity with their relatives who continue to march for justice and with those nationally and internationally who continue to struggle for justice. It is great to walk along side other campaigns like the Craigavon Two and other social justice groups who need their voices heard. Over the decades this event rightly gives a space, a much need voice to other struggles and its vital that it continues.

"The Industrial Workers of the World since it's inception has supported and fought for social justice, there are countless events throughout our history as a class that it has directly supported or expressed solidarity with.

As far as today is concerned, as a revolutionary union we must never forget that almost half of those murdered by the hand of the state, during Bloody Sunday, were members of the local trade union movement in this city. Our message is displayed on our banner, it's the motto of the IWW which reads - An injury to one, is an injury to all!”.

The march made its way to Free Derry Corner for a minutes silence as the names of those murdered and injured were read out from the platform. After a speech delivered by a survivor of the Miami Show Band Massacre and a rendition of the old Civil Rights songs 'We shall overcome' participants for across the country respectfully dispersed knowing that the fight for justice for many was far from over.

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