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Anti War Protest At Queen's University

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World in Belfast gathered outside Queens in Belfast with a number of other anti-war activists and students to directly oppose the enthronement of war criminal Hillary Clinton at the university. As the great and the good commenced their celebrations of its first ever female Chancellor at Queens, their pomp and pageantry was drowned out by cries of "Hilary War Criminal!".

A spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World in Belfast noted following today's action by anti-war activists and students that; "Several members of the union took part in today's action at Queens against the installation of Hillary Clinton's role as honorary Chancellor of the University. Officials have taken this decision some time ago despite numerous objections giving the Clinton's political decision making and direct involvement in US foreign policy.

"For many of those here today who came out to show their anger, it is very clear that the "first female" Chancellor at Queens has been a champion of every act of US aggression over the last number of decades. War's which have created millions of refugees across the world such by instigating war's in countries like Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria to cheering on Obama’s warfare in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and other locations.

"We are here today to remind Hillary and her supporters that she has blood on her hands. Let no one forget her support for the illegal US invasion of Iraq that was played out nightly on our television screens, as hundreds of thousands of people where killed. Acts of war that lead to countless acts of terror and sectarianism that continues to this very day.

"Is this the type of people Queens or any university should be aligning themselves with or championing in a place of education and learning?" #nowarbutclasswar #IWW

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