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Call for Solidarity from Bangladesh: Garment Workers fight for increase in Minimum Wage

For the past few months garment workers in various parts of Bangladesh took to the streets in their struggle for a proper increase in basic minimum wage. Currently workers are still paid at least 8 000 BDT (73 USD) per month. Labour unions demand an increase to at least 23 000 BDT, the Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) fights for a minimum wage of 25 000 BDT.

Following a week of intense strikes, blockades and street protests the wage board announced an increase of 56% (12 500 BDT) on November 7th, effective from December 2023. Unions reject this decision and announced to continue the fight for a proper increase.

Not only factory owners but also the brands sourcing from those factories are major profiteers of the workers’ sweat and labour. The products end up in stores worldwide. Therefore: Let’s globalise this fight, take it to the streets and confront the brands!

Note: Some brands released a statement directed at the president of Bangladesh asking for the conflict to be resolved as soon as possible.

Let’s turn Black Friday Week (Nov. 20 – 26th, 2023) into a Global Week of Action in Solidarity with the factory workers. Together we can pressure brands to express support for a 25 000 BDT minimum wage and condemn the ongoing state repression targetting workers and their labour unions. The brands must ensure that the factories they source from pay this minimum wage!

This NEWS section provides updates on the movement continuously.

The GWTUC released the below call, asking for comrades and fellow workers worldwide to do what they can in support of the fighting garment workers. You can also download the call as a pdf here.



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