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Call to Support Workers on Strike!

As workers Public Sector workers in NIPSA and Unison prepare to take part in further strike action, the Industrial Workers of the World believe that solidarity is an important part of their ongoing struggle.

A spokesperson for the IWW Ireland Branch said that as a union “We believe that solidarity in times of workers struggle must be at the forefront in all our minds and activity. We must show our solidarity as best we can, in any way we can to workers on the picket lines. They are the battle lines of working class struggle.

“The struggle for Health, Education and Public Sector workers can be an important catalyst for other workers who are at this moment considering taking industrial action wherever they work. In the weeks or months ahead, it is important to note that workers need to receive support and solidarity on the picket lines.

"We call on all workers to do what they can, attend the picket lines, show your support at protests and stand shoulder to shoulder with workers taking on the bosses. They are fighting to demand a wage they deserve and better working conditions for all of us. Let no one forget that their fight is ours. Their victory is ours and let no one divide us. Win can, and we will win!"

UCU Ulster Photo: Solidarity with fellow workers at Magee University today as a number of unions join in solidarity with UCU - University and College Union members continues strike action for Pay, Conditions and Pensions. The event was supported by Derry Trades Union Council.


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