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Cost of Living Protest: Interview With RMT

There was an ICTU demonstration on the 25th of June 2022. Trade unions and progressive groups gathered to protest about the cost of living crisis, and the lack of actions on behalf of the political class at Stormont.

IWW members attended the event and spoke to the RMT Belfast shipping branch secretary, Danny McQuaid.

“We look after workers on the ships – Stena Line, P&O and so on. The RMT has rail strikes over in England Scotland at the moment.

"I was a P&O worker – before we all got laid off! Stena Line on the other hand, their business is booming – they have a training centre, they are training young people up, what a contrast to P&O. It seems that the end of the pandemic was being used as an excuse to lay people off!

"We have had good solidarity with other trade unions – the ICTU, NIPSA and so on, they were supporting our demonstrations and actions. They were very supportive. We have been protesting in Larne, Liverpool and Cairnryan. We hope to support other unions’ actions too. Inflation is forecasted to go up to well over 11% - any pay rises people are being offered under this are effectively a pay cut!”

The IWW extends our solidarity and support to all striking workers struggling for better conditions and pay, in particular view of the recent spate of shocking events like the mass dismissal of P&O workers and the rapidly rising cost of living – “an injury to one is an injury to all”.

Download Audio interview HERE



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