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Debenhams Strike One Year On: The Fight Continues!

The Industrial Workers of the World in Ireland has expressed its ongoing support and solidarity with Debenhams workers who today will mark a significant milestone in their struggle as they reach one full year on the picket lines around the country.

A spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World said "As the former Debenhams workers today mark a significant milestone in their calendar, a year of class struggle, it is important that all of us who form part of what is described as the labour movement, we must redouble our efforts of solidarity, not just in words but also in our actions.

"These workers know full well that it is never an easy decision to take industrial action as it always has an impact on the lives of everyone involved beyond the picket lines. Despite this they remain confident that this just fight will continue.

"Whilst rightfully marking this occasion as a celebration of workers solidarity and resistance, we have to also look at how these workers have been treated. These workers, our sisters and brothers who have taken industrial action after being cheated out of money owed to them. By taking such an action, we must not allow them or their struggle to remain closed off or isolated in the face of aggression by hired scab drivers of the Garda. We must never allow the bosses or their friends in power to manipulate and direct how workers decide how we fight for our rights or what is rightfully ours.

"Despite of a global pandemic, we have witnessed how they have attempted to break up pickets by use of force in order to capture stock for their own financial gain. Anti-worker laws and legislation are designed only to further benefit bosses such as Debenhams, the wealthy and their political establishment housed in Dáil Éireann. After a historic year long struggle in which they have stood their ground to ask and demand what is rightfully owed to them. We echo the call again today and demand that the workers are fully compensated.

"The Debenhams workers have by their continuing struggle, helped to once again ignite a sense of class confidence and class pride by resisting the bosses, despite successive anti-worker laws and agendas that have been concocted to trample upon years of hard fought rights won on the picket lines. Each of them and their families deserve our continued support and solidarity at this time, especially in the days, weeks and months ahead."


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