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Derry Solidarity with Debenhams Occupation

Solidarity action today at Debenhams store in Foyleside Shopping Centre in Derry following on from this weeks occupation of stores in Cork, Tralee and Dublin buy former staff.

A spokesperson for the IWW in Derry said that "We had a great response from those passing, a lot of good conversations. Still a lot of people unaware of how Debenhams workers have been treated but expressing support.

"For ourselves in the IWW, it is vital that workers hear and know about direct action by other workers who aren't prepared to set back and be taken advantage of by cruel bosses such as the Debenhams group. Workers have had enough of having their rights being sidelined by some excuse they are using about the current pandemic. It is clear when talking to people here today that workers are being abused.

"Everyone knows that multinational firms from Debemhams to Easons are throwing workers under a bus simply to protect this own interests and profits first. This week Debenhams workers have shown other workers facing the same situation that there are ways in which we can fight back. That is why we are here today, not simply as a gesture of solidarity but to ensure other workers hear about and know that there are ways to stand up and fight back as Debenhams workers have shown."


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