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Dublin: National Solidarity March

The Industrial Workers of the World Ireland Branch will be supporting the forthcoming Solidarity March in Dublin on Saturday 18th February 2023.

The IWW condemns recent attacks by far right elements in their attempt of stoking up racial hatred and division against the migrant communities.

As a revolutionary union we unapologetically assert that 'refugees are welcome here' and are not in any way responsible for the current housing crisis in Ireland. We believe that the ongoing economic crisis within the country lays squarely at the feet of the successive governments and capitalism globally.

We restate our continuing solidarity and support for refugee and migrant communities who continue to struggle for better conditions and workers rights in accordance with our long standing international solidarity.

We urge our members to continue to resist attempts in local areas to target refugee accommodation.

Further we support a broad based antifascist network and encourage active participation by our members in upcoming solidarity actions for refugee and migrant communities.

Homes for All Healthcare for All Services for All #IrelandforAll #NoPlatformNoQuarter #migrantrightsareworkersrights

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