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Dublin: No TERFS On Our Turf!

The Industrial Workers of the World were present to stand alongside @transpridedublin and a broad coalition of other socialist and anti fascist organisations against the misogynist transphobe Posie Parker, transphobic organisation the Countess, and their fellow bigots.

Gardaí attempted to disrupt the counter. Throwing activists to the ground, assaulting a steward, and shoving a disabled person who was visibly using a cane. The Gardaí failed miserably, and activists valiantly stood their ground. The protest continued undisturbed.

Posie and the cronies who attended the hate convention in the RDS represent dead-end politics. They seek to divide the working class so those in power can continue to exploit us. Trans people are not dangerous. Immigrants are not dangerous. The group that has done the most damage in Irish society is white men in suits. It is landlords, bosses, and right-wing politicians who have devastated this island and put the working class into our current state of desperation. It is the people in power who we must be organising to fight.

The IWW will continue to stand alongside our trans members and comrades because the working class is stronger together.

Trans rights are human rights.

Trans rights are workers' rights.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

Solidarity Forever ✊️



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