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End Direct Provision - Solidarity Actions set to continue across the country

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World held a protest this evening at the Maldron Hotel, central Dublin, against the participation of businesses profiting from the government's Direct Provision System.

As Storm Denis past, passing traffic, hotel residents and members of the public heard a chorus of slogans and song against the Direct Provision System as information leaflets were distributed in an effort to highlight the treatment of migrant workers and that of their families.A spokesperson for the IWW Dublin Branch spoke following this evening's solidarity action stating: "in spite of the bad weather, we wanted to take the message to big business that we demand an end the Direct Provision System and to highlight those who profit from the misery of workers lives. We object of these actions is to mark the cards of the Maldron Hotel and many other companies who have successfully engaged with such an anti-worker government system.

"It's not on and we are demanding it to end immediately. No one can plead innocent to not knowing how migrant workers are treated by the state through such an unjust system. Our vocal solidarity actions such as this evening's will continue throughout the country until those involved end or disengage with Direct Provision completely."

More solidarity action protests are being planned across the country over the next several months to further highlight the injustice at the way in which migrant workers are being treated by the government and business alike.

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