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Facing Redundancy - Unionise the Fight!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Members of Staff from the sports store network DW Sports have received notification that they are to formally lose their jobs as the company appoints administrators.

DW Sports now adds its name to a growing number of chain stores using the current pandemic to shed thousands of jobs putting dedicated workers on the scrap heap. Workers across the North received word on the companies restructuring plans on Monday.

Industrial Workers of the World spoke with one staff member shortly after receiving confirmation at one of the companies Belfast Stores to be told "It's devastating no matter how news like this arrives. We were furloughed back in March like many other places. All the time we were waiting to see when we would be back, texting each other and listening to the news as well but it never happened.

"The closure of gyms and sports centres has really effected everything as well but in saying that you hear there's places like Marks and Spencer and others facing job losses or redundancies it felt like we will be next.

"We're still waiting for more information but they told us everything will end at the end of the month. We're trying to support each other but it just feels like, what's next. It's devastating."

Screenshot of DW Sports main website

A spokesperson for the IWW said, "Unions need to be outraged at what is happening. Redundancies and layoffs are happening more and more. We have to let workers know that they can still fight these tactics. Bosses are using the pandemic to lay off loads of workers without a care in the world, just so they can protect their own profits.

"Using words like 'restructuring' and 'appointing' administrators simply doesn't wash, especially when workers face unemployment lines and soup kitchens. Protecting their shares and profits needs to be challenged, as workers we must protect our own interests first. Demanding wages owed to us or redundancy payments needs to take a priority. We encourage workers to make sure their work places are unionised. Take heart and strength in workers facing the same challenges such a Debenhams and others who are challenging their former employers, preventing the asset stripping of stores.

"There are many ways to challenge the bosses even when it feels all hope has been lost. We would ask and encourage workers who are rightly outraged not to be suffering in silence. Get in touch with the IWW, unionise, mobilise and take the fight directly to the the bosses and to the streets. Together we can make sure you and your fellow workers receive what you are fully entitled to."


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