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Fighting To Win: Solidarity with Dublin Bus Workers!

The Industrial Workers of the World have extended their solidarity to Dublin Bus Workers who rejected deal with transport bosses despite union leadership general acceptance of offer.

In what was yet another blow to the Irish trade union movements top-down leadership, Dublin Bus members of the Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU) and the National Bus and Railworkers Union (NBRU) voted overwhelmingly to rejected their union leadership recommendations to accept Dublin Bus bosses deal.

As both transport bosses and the bosses of one of counties largest unions hit out at Dublin Bus Workers decision, it was estimated that 100% of workers voted against the deal. Amidst claim and counter-claim, senior trade union leaders since openly criticised “gutter-based opposition” amongst their members to a new pay deal assisted by union leaders and the bosses.

A member of the IWW Dublin Branch issued a statement of solidarity with workers who are at present examining the next stage stating: "The Industrial Workers of the World would like to extend its solidarity with Dublin Bus Workers who have, despite the best efforts of union bosses and management, democratically rejected any closure at this stage of the game until their demands are rightfully met.

"At no stage does any worker or group of workers consider the threat of possible industrial action lightly. Their rejection of such a deal, a deal which falls short of what workers actually demanded is nothing short of derisory. We really need to look at the fact that this vote comes at a time when workers are emerging from a global pandemic. Let's not forget that our transport workers are essential workers who have keep the entire workforce moving during an extremely dangerous time, yet they are being castigated by union bosses and transport bosses alike for simply standing up for what is rightfully theirs.

"This city and the country stand by and fully support our transport workers, just like our health workers, its high-time others did the same."

5 Reasons to Vote No: here


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