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Galway Banner Drop in Solidarity with Debenhams Workers

Banner drop this evening in Galway was carried out by members of IWW along with members of other radial working class activists ahead of International Workers Day.

A spokesperson for the IWW said "This was an action of working class solidarity with the former Debenhams worker throughout the country who are standing firm despite the best efforts of their bosses, the liquidators, the government and of course the business unions who have shut them out as well.

"This action is a gesture of worker solidarity at a time the odds are stacked against them yet they remain confident, strong and united in their just cause to demand what is rightfully theirs. Shame on all those who have abandoned them. The workers are an example to those of us who are facing the bosses at at this time and are thinking of taking action. We stand in solidarity with you, the workers are not criminals, striking is not a crime, fighting back is not a crime!"

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