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General Strike by Palestinian Workers

As the workers of Palestine embark on a General Strike tomorrow the Industrial Workers of the World Ireland Branch issues a solidarity message in opposition to the ongoing atrocities being carried out during the latest round of attacks.

A spokesperson for the IWW said "Our union stands with our Palestinian fellow workers as they organise for a General Strike in an effort for workers to protest at the war crimes being inflicted on the people by the Israeli state regime. A regime which has been aided and abetted internationally by warmonger capitalists and the complicit silence of the UN.

"As the capitalist unite to exterminate indigenous lands across the world, we as workers must too create a global solidarity network of Resistance.

"Members of the Industrial Workers of the World have continued to rally with thousands of workers across Ireland to demand an immediate end to these massacres.

"We encourage our members to educate themselves and raise awareness of the oppression faced by the people of Palestine, participate in acts of solidarity including attending protests and boycotts, and place pressure on the employing and ruling classes of their nations to divest from and sanction the Israeli regime.

"Stop the Genocide. An injury to one is an Injury to All!"


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