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International Message of Solidarity from GWTUC Garment Workers

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

A message of thanks from Garment Workers in Bangladesh who are continuing to fight Dragon Sweater Group for reinstatement of employment and wages paid to them for hours worked. The following in message of continuing support and solidarity from the Garment Workers Trade Union Centre (GWTUC):

"Today, the protesting Dragon Sweater garment workers held a meeting to decide on the next steps for their ongoing movement for the payment of their wages and benefits. They also demonstrated their solidarity with the labor unions and organizations of the Global May Day initiative who have been tirelessly demonstrating in support in Ireland, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and other areas. The workers in Bangladesh are immensely thankful to all their friends abroad who have played their role in holding global brands and garment owners accountable. 


International Department, GWTUC"



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