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International Solidarity with Workers in Myanmar

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World in Ireland took part in worker solidarity actions as part of the international day of action with workers in Myanmar which was called for Saturday 11th September.

In Derry and Belfast City Centres members of the Industrial Workers of the World extended it’s hand of solidarity with the various unions and grassroots social justice movements in Myanmar such as the Federation of General Workers Myanmar (FGWM), All Burma Federation of Trade Unions (ABFTU) and Food not Bombs Myanmar – with the support of the Asia Working Group of the International Confederation of Labour (ICL) who have confirmed a host of international companies that continues to assist the regime and/or military owed businesses.

A member of the IWW Derry spoke during todays action saying "We're here today as part of a wave of international support with workers in Myanmar which is coordinated by the International Confederation of Labour (ICL).

"The reaction is great from the public who have been totally unaware of what's happening to workers across Myanmar. People have been so positive and wanted to know more about what is going on. This is what international worker's solidarity looks like. We're here in Derry today highlighting the murder of workers in Myanmar knowing that other unions across Europe and the rest of the world are taking part in similar actions.

"As a union we are determined to continue these actions against multinationals to assist the Blood Money campaign and the workers in Myanmar. Like our posters say, we call upon Primark Limited to immediately stop blood money investment in the Myanmar military regime."

The recently established 'Bloody Money Campaign' has been endorsed and supported by IWW Ireland to help raise awareness of how multinational companies are still profiting from doing business with the military regime in Myanmar.

To help defend workers rights, members of IWW will hold a series of information stalls outside businesses locally who are currently assisting investment and the funding of the Myanmar military regime as part of the international day of action on Saturday 11th September outside of Primark and Penneys stores across the country to help shine a light on those businesses here in Ireland who are happy to do business with the brutal Military Council in Myanmar.

It has been confirmed that Primark Limited and Penneys in Ireland are still engaged in doing business with the Myanmar regimes who have a track record in war crimes, human rights violation, genocide and crime against humanity in Myanmar.

As part of this unfolding international campaign the IWW will play it’s part to help highlight the abuse of workers in Ireland and in Myanmar.

For updates, more information and you can help out at actions locally, please check out our social media pages and main website:



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