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IWD 2021: Celebrate Working Class Resistance!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

This year, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW Ireland Branch) will mark 'International Women's Day' 2021 by celebrating working class resistance in the home, in the union and on the streets. In doing so the union have honoured the strength and commitment of Debenhams worker's across the country.

The former workers of the Debenhams multinational chain store, have recently past a huge milestone in their struggle with over 300 days occupying Debenhams sites across the country. They are continuing to demand that bosses pay up money owed to them after reneging on established redundancy agreements.

On Monday 8 March as working women throughout the country celebrate International Women’s Day, Debenhams workers will also be celebrating 333 days of occupying former Debenhams stores after being sacked by Debenhams bosses.

A spokesperson for the IWW stated earlier today that "Despite the media blackout and silence surrounding the Debenhams workers action, their struggle has remained focused and determined to achieve their just demands.

"This action is an inspiration to workers everywhere who are at this minute considering to stand up and fight back. This is why we have a media silence as the bosses, just like those in the Dail would really wish that they would pack up and go away.

"All of these workers, the majority of who are women, deserve and demand all our support and solidarity at this time. As we prepare to celebrate International Women’s Day we must also remember and celebrate the actions of women today, such as the Debenhams workers, who take industrial action to demand what is rightfully theirs.

On Monday, workers will mark International Women’s Day at occupied locations and are asking for people to join with them respecting everyone's social distancing, keeping each other safe at picket lines at 11am Monday 8th March.

Please check out Debenhams Workers Events page:


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