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IWW Cork supports Living Wage Campaign

The IWW Ireland Cork group are proud to support the Cork Says 12.50 living wage campaign. The organisers of this campaign are championing the rights of the workers and citizens of Cork and we want to help them in their effort to empower workers here and across the island.

The IWW believes the wage structure as it exists is inherently exploitative and coercive, so our organization will continue its struggle to fundamentally change that relationship. But we are not ignorant of the immediate suffering of the workers of Cork who must subsist on a minimum wage. A wage that does not provide a minimum standard that is enough given the cost of living and existing in this city.

We want dignity and respect for all workers in all sectors who are forced into this arrangement. Workers who struggle with bills, travel, housing, health care, and all other demands on their lives. No one should be subjected to the stress and pressure of unexpected expenses and the ever-present risk of homelessness. We know it is possible to pursue our goal of abolishing capitalism and balance it with the immediate needs of workers and their lives.

This is a call for our Cork followers and anyone sympathetic to the cause to spare your time to show solidarity with the workers of Cork. Send your support to the Cork for a Living Wage campaign. And if you see them on the street to sign their petition!

Solidarity Forever!


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