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IWW Dublin: Build a United Movement of the Working Class

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World Dublin union attended the May Day celebrations organised by the Dublin Council of trade unions.

We marched in solidarity with workers of varying ideologies and backgrounds to pay tribute to all those workers who came before us in the fight for social justice.

This united mass of workers celebration made its way from the Garden of Remembrance to Liberty Hall where a number of speeches were delivered by trade and tenants union members.

A member of the IWW Dublin said "It was amazing to see so many people come out to celebrate the worker's holiday. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet other activists.

"The IWW in Dublin hopes to continue this networking and help to build a united movement of the working class.

"In particular the IWW would like to give remembrance to the the Workers of the ITGWU who faced intense police repression in the strike and lockout of 1913 as well as the volunteers of the Irish Citizen Army who were willing to organise to defend their rights and protect their fellow workers."

Solidarity forever

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06 de mai. de 2022

"If you strike at, imprison, or kill us, out of our prisons or graves we will still evoke a spirit that will thwart you, and perhaps, raise a force that will destroy you! We defy you! Do your worst!" James Connolly

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