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IWW: End Harassment of Greencastle Community

Members of the IWW attended a white line picket this afternoon outside the PSNI Station in Omagh, Co.Tyrone.

The event was organised by the Greencastle Peoples Office and the Greencastle community who have faced increased harassment from the cops for continuing to object to Toxic Gold Mining in their community.

A member of the IWW at todays event said that "It was important to come out and support the community of Greencastle, who despite police intimidation, will not give up the fight against Dalradian and the destruction of our land, and our communities for the sake of profit.

"Todays action was a unified community response against police harassment and sends a clear message back firmly, that the community will not be moved, isolated or intimated.

"Dalradian should take note and pack up. We demand an end to police intimidation and an end to Toxic Gold Mining in the Sperrins!"


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