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IWW Solidarity in Derry with Palestine

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World in Derry gathered with several hundred other people and social justice groups in Derry City centre to oppose the unfolding bombardment of Palestine by the Israeli State.

Speakers at today's rally in Guildhall Square reject media reporting of the current situation as manipulated and contrived.

A spokesperson for the IWW Derry Branch said of today's similar solidarity actions in cities across the country stating: "Watching what has been developing in Palestine, the terror brought against innocent people, I think today's actions here in Derry, across Ireland and internationally have been an important first step.

"The actions taken by Italian dockers shows us the power that workers have in bringing an end to torture inflicted upon the people of Palestine. We all have the power to reject goods, not to handle products from or for the state of Israel.

"It is vital that we use our power to assist the Boycott campaign which has been the message echoed here today. A call we fully support as an international revolutionary union."

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