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IWW Solidarity with Belfast Transport Workers

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

The Industrial Workers of the World have this evening issued a statement of solidarity with transport worker attacked with petrol bombs in Belfast.

A spokesperson of the IWW in Belfast hit out a those who deliberately targeted a transport workers vehicle in West Belfast's Shankill Road area following a week of loyalist protests.

In a statement released this evening a spokesperson said: "We offer our support and solidarity with the bus driver at the centre of this evening assaults as well as to his family and co-workers who like ourselves have witnessed these events on social media. It's horrific to think that any worker would be deliberately targeted in such away as to cause harm or even death as they go about their work.

"Those directly involved in carrying out such attacks upon transport workers or photographers have absolutely nothing to do with the surrounding communities who are tonight in shock at these events. From the outset working class communities have been terrorised nightly as a result of these actions.

"Let's be clear, these actions should be seen for what they really are, anti-working class. Whatever the agenda the media and politicians have concocted from sea borders, brexit to lockdowns and funerals, they contribute nothing but further terror to workers going about their work and further division of working class communities at a time when we are already under attack through cuts to essential public services.

"All of this has been deliberately orchestrated and manipulated by representatives the political establishment as a deflection away from their own agendas, and as always, our class pay the price as a result.

"As a union it is our belief that only our class will create the conditions of working class unity and not the political establishment as can be seen over the last number of days. We fully support the decision by transport workers to call off buses following this evenings attacks and in doing so we call upon the trade union movement to act in unity to bring this to an end before workers lives are lost."

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