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IWW support call to Mobilise against Fascism

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) have called upon trade union activists to mobilise ahead of this coming weekend, as members of the reactionary far right group 'Yellow Vests Ireland' plan to stage yet another public protest in Dublin.

A spokesperson for the IWW said in a statement today: "On Saturday 3rd October, antifascists will mobilise in central Dublin to 'Reclaim the GPO' from the far-right who have repeatedly used this historic location as a platform for their own nefarious activities. The event has been organised by Antifascist Action Ireland who stated "The GPO belongs to the people, it is part of our revolutionary history."

"The likes of Yellow Vest Ireland are a collection of well known far right elements, who have physically attacked the people of this city who dared to question or condemn their actions.

"They are a ragtag bunch of covid-deniers, conspiracy theorists, religious fanatics, racists and anti-vaxxers who once again plan to gather in Dublin under the guise of dissatisfaction with the current government alliance.

"They have named this gathering 'Festival for Freedom' however the question we have is: Freedom from what? It is our belief that any change they would bring would in no way be in the interest of our class, as their past activities highlight just that.

"Like all far right groups and fascist movements, both past and present, the organisers of this 'Festival for Freedom' adopt a pantomime concern for working class interests, using genuine problems facing our class to manipulate those who will listen to their populist rhetoric, driving their hateful and divisive agenda. "The IWW calls upon the trade union activists, the true representatives of the working class, to make a stand in solidarity against those who seek to bring division to our class. There can be no room on our streets, in our communities or workplaces for bigots, xenophobes, racists and class collaborationists.

"Antifascists together with activists from the trade unions, LGBTQI, antiracist, migrant and feminist communities will mobilise at the GPO on Saturday 3rd October at 1.30pm. We reiterate the call to all trade union activists to do the same, as part of a unified response."

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