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Largest Strike Rallies Held Across the North

The Industrial Workers of the World took part in planned solidarity actions with teachers across the North who began a 12-hour strike over pay and conditions within the teaching sector.

The workplace stoppages came as thousands of health workers also took to the picket lines as part of ongoing strike action over pay and to save the NHS itself.

In Belfast and Derry, thousands of teachers were joined by health care workers in a gesture of solidarity not witnessed on the streets for a number of years.

One IWW Health Care worker taking part in today's strike action said that "This is more than about the issues around pay and conditions. For health workers as well as for our teachers, this is about the actual future or our health service and of the Education sector and that teaching profession overall."

"Workers are leaving both sectors in their droves. There is a shocking level of low morale and burnout. We're taking industrial action as we believe that enough is enough."

Thousands of striking workers who attended rallies across the North heard speaker after speaker condemn the damage inflicted upon health and teaching sectors and on working class communities who are now feeling the impact of cuts and the gradual deterioration of vital services.


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