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Lunch Time Action in Solidarity with Debenhams Workers

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Solidarity action today in Derry with Debenhams 222 day of action. The IWW have been highlighting locally the 1000 ex-Debenhams workers fighting to receive full redundancy payments.

A spokesperson for the IWW today said "Ex-Debenhams workers have spent the last 222 days on the Picket Line in all weathers to fight for what is rightfully thiers.

"Todays protest in Derry coincided with actions by the Dublin stores who are currently at the Dail this lunchtime.

"We have taken today's action to remind Debenhams that the fight continues until the workers receives what payment is owed to them. We are here today to once again ask the public to please support the ex workers and refuse to buy anything online or in store this Christmas from Debenhams.

"The Industrial Workers of the World fully support their campaign as an injury to one is an injury to all!"



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