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Organising Summit 2022: Time to Unionise the Fight!

This years annual Organising Summit 2022 seen Industrial Workers of the World gather in Thorne and Moorends, Yorkshire as members played host to a number of events and solidarity actions.

Organised by the IWW Sheffield branch, members from across the WISE-RA region gathered in the Thorne and Moorends as several assisted local members in ongoing workplace organising efforts leafleting a number of sites.

One member who attended reported that local "organisers leafleted one factory as part of building the branch locally to and encourage workers in a number of factories hostile to workers unionising to stand up and organise their places of work.

"Without doubt the locations targeted have witnessed and reported many cases of worker abuses from workplace injuries a blanket ban on workplace organising. So it's no wonder that such hostility by bosses locally towards workers unionising results in horrific workplace conditions for workers generally. It is widely known that a unionised workplace is a safer workplace for workers and the treatment of workers."

On Saturday members held a march and rally which weaved its way through Thorne and Moorends in advance of a number of events planned such as a drop-in advice and support space for workers locally. Members where joined by local workplace and community activists which was lead through the streets by a trade union Samba Band.

That event concluded with a public discussion at the Democratic Club on ongoing 'Anti-trade union legislation' and face painting for children and members alike. The day's activities concluded with a benefit night at the Thorne Rugby Club as part of a Justice for John campaign. John, a local worker, who was injured as a result of a workplace incident, which it's said will continue to have life changing issues as a result of it.

A number of worker solidarity actions was held throughout the weekend of events in support and solidarity with ongoing workers struggles from international solidarity with the CNT Xixón Six to a solidarity action with a TEFL Workers Union member Lara, with calls for her immediate reinstatement with full back pay.

In all, an eventful weekend of events and activities for fellow workers in the Yorkshire area who help organise the series of gatherings and for those WISE-RA members who attended from far and wide to show their support and solidarity.

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