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Six Months On - The Struggle Continues for Debenhams Workers!

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Today in towns and cities across Ireland, former Debenhams workers are at a significant milestone as their struggle reaches the 6 month barrier. Completely undeterred by threats and intimidation by their former bosses, the government or insolvency bodies, they have declared that their struggle “will continue for another six months” is needs be in protest an unfair redundancy package.

As former Debenhams workers around the country mark a significant date in their struggle, a spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World earlier stated “Debenhams workers not only deserve all our applause today, but also our continuing support and solidarity. Each and everyone of those workers are working class hero’s. They have shown that our class already has the tools at our disposal to make a stand against the ongoing abuse of workers.

“Threats now issued against the former Debenhams workers by their former bosses, their friends in Dáil Éireann or in the High Courts will not deter workers from the need for us all to unionise, strike, picket, occupy, protest and resist further attacks. Workers will not be gagged and bound by labour laws designed to protect the bosses profits and their union puppets. The 1990 Industrial Relations Act has to be scrapped and ensure genuine solidarity to all those workers who take a stand against it in order to protect our rights that workers fought long and hard for. From the outset union bosses have colluded with the state and the bosses as part of a team effort to sugar-coat the 1990 Act and hoodwink ordinary rank and file members across Ireland. As a revolutionary union, we demand its immediate abolition and the full reinstatement of all workers rights that was fought hard for on the streets, picket-lines and factory floors.

“The current targeting of former Debenhams workers and their supporters by the courts has to be fully condemned and challenged. It is vital that we support the former Debenhams Workers who seek nothing more than to be treated with dignity as workers and have money owed to them immediately paid in full.

“The IWW will stand by every worker who rightfully challenges or defies these anti-workers laws. Legislation which has been created for the sole purpose of protecting the bosses. We must never tolerate or ignore any assault on workers rights by the bosses, the state or that of well paid union bosses whose aim it is to keep workers in line, while their friends maximise their profits.”

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