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Solidarity Can End Toxic Gold Mining in the Sperrins

The Industrial Workers of the World took part in an Environmental Delegation to the Greencastle People’s Office (GPO) in the Sperrin Mountains, Co. Tyrone, the epicentre of a mammoth ‘David and Goliath’ fight between a multinational gold mining company and the people of a small rural community in the North West of Ireland.

Members of the IWW representing the Ireland branch, the Environmental Committees and Earth Strike where welcomed into the heart of the community as part of a fact finding delegation. Representatives engaged in a lengthy questions and answers sessions before a tour of the area, noted for its outstanding natural beauty which is still under threat from Dalradians potential toxic gold mining industry.

A spokesperson for the IWW Environmental Committees spoke following the visit stating: “Firstly on behalf of everyone who traveled to Greencastle as part of this group visit, I would like to thank them for traveling to the Sperrins to try and learn more about the desperate situation directly affecting the people of Greencastle and the population of the wider North West. The multinational corporation, Dalradian, has plans to effectively decimate the landscape surrounding us with a toxic gold mining plant. The people of Greencastle has shown great resolve in facing down increasing attacks and intimidation over the last number of years. Their bravery is an example to us all and the people of this beautiful area for preventing anyone to pollute and destroy all for the sake of greed and profit.

“We have heard first hand accounts for grassroots community activists in what they and their community have been subjected to and how they continue to resist in order to protect the earth that we stand on for tomorrow and future generations. We have recorded and documented the solidarity this community of Greencastle has received both nationally and internationally. How they too have learn and educated themselves and countless many others as to the destructive nature of toxic gold mining.

“What is for sure is that this community will continue to remain strong and defiant in the face of adversity. Be that from the multinational corporations such as Dalradian and that of those they employ to carry out their dirty work, from the politicians and the state itself. The opposition to toxic gold mining has increased. Environmental and trade union solidarity remains vocal and adamant that our opposition will continue in reject and call-out those who seek to profit from the destruction and poisoning of our land, our rivers and our communities.

“For ourselves as a revolutionary environmental union, we believe that only community and trade union solidarity can end toxic gold mining. We will continue to assist the community of Greencastle and the activists of the GPO as their struggle against toxic gold mining grows stronger by the day. Our message to those corporations such as Dalradian is that, you will never defeat the strength and resolve of the people who oppose you and your toxic gold mining plants. We echo the call from this protest camp and demand that you pack up and leave, once and for all.”


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