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Solidarity is Strength: Debenhams Workers 300 days of Action

The Industrial Workers of the World, Ireland Branch, extends its solidarity to ex-Debenhams workers throughout the country as they reach a significant milestone in their continuing dispute with Debenham bosses.

In marking the occasion, a spokesperson for the IWW said: "For 300 days Debenhams workers at former sites across the country have quite rightly taken the brave step of direct action against the unfair redundancy package issued by their bosses. From the outset, we have all witnessed how this multinational company has rode rough shot over worker’s rights in conjunction with a sitting government who remain to this day, complicit in their callous treatment of workers. This has never been a surprise to ourselves or the workers directly involved as the rich will always look after their own interests first.

"Through every turn and round-about during the last 300 days, both the bosses and the politicians have tried to bury this dispute firmly under the weight of a global pandemic as well as Brexit. This is nothing but a failed attempt so as not to arouse other workers facing similar situations by greedy bosses. They do not wish to see other workers ignited by this courageous struggle, by ordinary workers, who have been robbed of their entitled redundancy packages.

"It is our belief and that everyone now witnessing this continuing battle on the streets of Dublin, Cork and Tralee that it is far from over, even after 300 days of action. To that end, the Industrial Workers of the World once again declares our solidarity on this significant day to all those Debenhams workers. As workers, they have drawn a line in the sand, despite attacks in the form closures and redundancies. This action shows how other workers now facing the same ill-treatment, be it today or tomorrow, that they too can and must stand up the bosses.

"It is vital that we continue to demand that these workers receive what is rightfully theirs and for them to be treated just and fairly. We demand an end to this ongoing nightmare for both the workers and their families. Pay them a real collective redundancy agreement that they all rightfully deserve."


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