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Solidarity with Communication Workers Strike

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) extends it’s solidarity to an estimated 180,000 communication workers from the Royal Mail, BT/Outreach and postal sectors, as they begin 6 days of selective strike action across both islands from Friday 26th August. In turn the IWW have called upon working class solidarity with workers as the impact of their strike action escalates.

A spokesperson for the IWW Ireland Branch commented on the eve of strike action by Communications Workers Union (CWU), “It is vital that all workers stand in solidarity with members of the CWU at this important time. It is never an easy decision for workers to draw a line in the sand and take part in industrial action with the fellow workers. It has massive implications both within the working arena and at home but lets be clear, both postal and telecoms workers returned huge mandates of over 90 percent for strike action. Many workers have said quite simply, enough is enough.

“Bosses have now been informed that a series of selective workplace stoppages will now commence by postal workers on the 26th-27th-30th August and telecom workers on 30th-31st August. As a union we in turn express our solidarity and support with workers demanding a real increase in wages for communication workers at this time.

As the current wave of strike action gets under way, IWW member in Belfast and Derry have joined solidarity protest actions and picket lines as a gesture of solidarity. An spokesperson said “We have been putting up posters throughout the city centre to extend our solidarity, calling for working class solidarity with striking workers at this time. Speaking to people passing you know that there is growing anger at this time, as workers are directly impacted by the current crisis within the system. Be that in Westminster or in Stormont. Workers know that it is time to act together as a class, as sure as hell the rich and their politicians are protecting their own interests, its high time working class communities did the same.”

What you can do to help:

The IWW encourages solidarity and support with all workers taking industrial action. As a revolutionary union, our union motto proclaims 'an injury to one is an injury to all'.

Small acts of solidarity are always welcomed by workers from tooting you horn while passing a picket.

Stopping at a picket an expressing your solidarity with workers.

Take a solidarity photograph with workers and share it on your social media.

Some have even did things like dropping off cool soft drinks or hot drinks to workers as another act of solidarity.

Ordinary working class solidarity is vital as our history shows us that when workers win, we all win!

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