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Solidarity with Council Workers in Mid Ulster

Strike action taking place by Council Workers across the Mid Ulster area begins on Monday 25th July and will last for four weeks. Just as in Derry, Council workers are taking industrial action over a pay however members in the Derry City and Strabane District Council area suspended scheduled a month long strike after what has been described as a "significantly improved" offer.

It's said that Unite members in the North West intend to decide on whether or not to accept their latest offer before deciding on any further strike action.

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) extend it’s solidarity to worker's in advance of strike action, calling for solidarity with workers as industrial action begins.

A spokesperson for the IWW said "We would like to express our support and solidarity with workers fighting for a realistic increase in wages. Workers are being subjected to attacks on all fronts at a time when bosses have benefited directly during the pandemic.

"Every day we're told that the cost of living crisis will further impact on working class communities, despite the fact that it's already happening.

"Food banks, fuel poverty, increasing debt and loan sharks are now seen as part of the new norm. This is happening to working households across the entire North. This not normal and neither is it acceptable in working class communities.

"The act of industrial action planned by workers is never taken lightly. Workers such as the council workers have had enough and are not prepared to take anymore.

"They are demanding fair pay above increasing inflation levels. We can see that working class communities are fully supportive of them and their demands."

This year alone, we have witnessed strike action by University workers, local councils workers, the Education Authority as well as the Housing Executive taking on the issues around decent pay and conditions.

What you can do to help:

The IWW encourages solidarity and support with all workers taking industrial action. As a revolutionary union, from our inception, our union motto proclaims 'an injury to one is an injury to all'.

Small acts of solidarity are always welcomed by workers from tooting you horn while passing a picket.

Stopping at a picket an expressing your solidarity with workers.

Take a solidarity photograph with workers and share it on your social media.

Some have even did things like dropping off cool soft drinks or hot drinks to workers as another act of solidarity.

Ordinary working class solidarity is vital as our history shows us that when workers win, we all win!



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