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Solidarity with CWU strike action

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Solidarity action in support of members of The Communication Workers Union in Derry this afternoon as they begin industrial action for better pay.

CWU Members were joined in a public show of solidarity by representatives of the IWW Union IrelandUNISON NorthernNipsa730Derry Trades Union Council as well as community support.

A spokesperson for CWU told those in attendance of being 'overwhelmed' at the level of support from the trade union movement and the general public at this time.

An IWW spokesperson said following the mid-day rally that “CWU workers have began industrial action for better pay. They do so knowing that workers in other sectors are fighting also as the "cost of living crisis" impacts on working class homes around the country while the profits increase in the bosses pockets.

“As a growing revolutionary union it’s important that we show and express our solidarity at this time with every worker taking on the bosses.

“If anyone was in any doubt where they should be at this present time then look no further. It is organising at our place of work or within our communities. Building working class strength and preparing for the fight ahead.

"Each of us should be mobilising and assisting fellow workers on strike. It is vital to show that workers are not alone and their fight is our fight. Their victories will have an impact on other workers deciding whether or not to organise, to unionise in their own place of employment in order to demand what is rightfully ours. This is a time when all of us need to unionise the fight!”



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