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Solidarity with Education Workers

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Industrial Workers of the World Ireland Branch shares its solidarity with Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance (NIPSA), whose members will once again take to picket lines to demand pay parity for Education Welfare Officers (EWO) across the North.

As part of their fight, EWO workers are demanding that the Education Authority immediately implement parity of pay with their fellow workers employed by HSC Trusts without delay. Once again, this ongoing dispute has come to the point where EWO workers are continuing with staggered strike action until their demands are met.

From today, Monday 7th a series of morning and afternoon pickets at different Education Authority offices will take place along with a public protest at Stormont at 12 noon, Wednesday, February 9th.

Workers doing the same job, in the same conditions should be getting paid the same rates. Not doing so is a clear example of the employers taking advantage of the workers while they pull in bonuses for coming in under budget.

A spokesperson for the IWW today said that "We, the Industrial Workers of the World Ireland Branch, wish Education Welfare Officers (EWO) throughout the North our solidarity in their struggle to get what they are rightfully owed."

Solidarity Forever!

Image: Education Welfare Officers (EWO) in December 2021 at picket lines in Derry.


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