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Solidarity with Garment Workers: We Think You Need To Know

As part of an international gesture of support and solidarity with the Garment Workers Trade Union Centre (GWTUC) in Bangladesh, we want you to know how one of the clothing suppliers of Lidl and Walmart (ASDA UK/ Ireland), the Dragon Sweater Group, has been treating their workers. How over 6000 GWTUC members were illegally sacked in March by the Dragon Sweater Group and how that Group continues to withhold several months wages owed to their staff.

We want to inform you about the struggle of Garment Workers in Bangladesh against their employers, who supply the Lidl and ASDA stores, because they are two companies who are continuing to obtain clothing from Dragon Group despite being fully aware how workers are being treated in their suppliers factories.

Other international brands and stores such as Zara, H&M, Primark have all since cancelled orders and stopped trading with Dragon Sweater Group, leaving only Lidl and Walmart. We are asking both to reconsider their business with this company if they really value and respect workers rights and to ensure they adhere to labour laws.

The Garment Workers Trade Union Centre and the 6000 illegally sacked workers they represent demand and deserve to be treated better, to be fully reinstated and the wages owed to them paid in full.

And you as a customer deserves to know.

Solidarity Actions with GWTUC Garment Workers will take place across Ireland on Saturday 15th August at the following locations Lidl and ASDA Stores: Galway, Derry, Newry, Belfast, Dublin

Please attend and show your support, all trade union flags and banners welcome.



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